3 & 4 Years • Intermediate

Jackrabbits classes are designed to help transition children into non-competitive team play. Children learn basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and are introduced to more one-ball- oriented games and scrimmaging. Scrimmages focus on building teamwork and helping players understand how to apply skills in different situations. Some non-competitive soccer games are introduced.
  • Jackrabbits classes are 50 minutes long
  • The child/coach ratio for Jackrabbits classes is 7:1

Developmental Milestones

Social Emotional

  • Peer world is expanding and is more important to them
  • May compare themselves with others
  • May have a strong desire to do things well/right and be upset with failure
  • Find criticism difficult to handle
  • View things in very black and white terms (good or bad, right or wrong)
  • Continue to be self-centered
  • May be preoccupied with rules


  • Though children at these ages aren’t able to think and act as adults do, they do possess skills to understand and follow more complex instruction
  • Need concrete examples (detailed description or actual demonstrations) with instruction
  • Improved problem solving abilities
  • Increased attention span


  • Good sense of balance
  • Fine motor skills are improving
  • Can catch and throw balls (ability improves with age)
  • Enjoys testing muscle strength